Provider of tailored design solutions at competitive prices
within biogas upgrading, air/gas purification, odour removal
and ammonia separation and concentration.

Who we are

Ammongas A/S is a Danish company founded in 2004 with more than 39 plants spread out over Northern Europe. The upgrading plants are designed and built by our dedicated engineers with focus on a mixture of sustainability and efficiency. The upgrading plants deliver a high concentration of methane that can be injected directly into the natural gas grid or be used for transport to the benefit of the environment. The plants are energy efficient and designed as compact systems with a minimal need for service.

Advantages of an amine upgrading plant from Ammongas

  • Specially designed plant tailored to your needs.
  • No necessity for expensive pre-treatment of the gas.
  • No pressure in the process gives lower costs in the building phase and fewer expenses for maintenance.
  • Long service life for components.
  • Option for service agreement.
  • Lowest power usage on the market.
  • No net water use in the upgrading process.
  • Small plant – high effectivity
  • Recycling effectivity (methane loss is at 0,04%) 99,96% 99,96%
  • Up-time of up to 99,9% 99,9%
  • Methane concentration 99,6% 99,6%
  • Heat recycling 85% 85%

Why upgrade


Upgraded biogas, biomethane, ensures an optimal utilisation of the raw biogas as it can be utilised in the natural gas grid, amongst other purposes. This means that it can be used when and where it is needed instead of being burned and wasted.

Upgraded biogas is also environmentally friendly, and can be used for transport, in cars, buses and trucks.

Environmental advantages

 The actual environmental gain is approximately 4 times larger than the direct displacement of fossil CO2. At the same time, there are significant advantage in the reduction of obnoxious smells, a better utilisation of the nutrients in manure, as well as the ground enhancing ability achieved by returning the humus substances to the soil.

Green policies in EU


 Results from a 2017 survey from the European commission show that protecting the environment is important for 94% of Europeans. The challenge is to integrate environmental sustainability into economic growth and welfare and achieving more with less.








Denmark as a pioneer country

 According to the World Bank, Denmark is the leading country when it comes to renewable energy. The unique readjustment of the Danish natural gas grid to biogas, leading in Europe, plays a big part in this. A position that both politicians and the industry itself aspire to maintain.

Anker Jacobsen

Anker Jacobsen

CEO at Ammongas

By making an effort now we can ensure our descendants a green earth. Amongst others, we can do this by transforming our organic waste into biogas that also helps to ensure healthy farmland in the long run. The step further is to upgrade the gas, so we can replace the fossil fuels, this is the part Ammongas is working on, so we can ensure our children and their children a greener earth, a vision worth working towards.
Boe Madsen - Client

Boe Madsen - Client

CEO at Madsen Bioenergi

We have been very happy with our upgrading plant from Ammongas. It runs impeccably with planned service once a year and we are running with an up-time of 99,9%. At our plant we have had a lot of focus on effectivity, up-time and heat recycling. The employees from Ammongas have been good at aiding us with this and have done so to our full satisfaction.


Ammonia Stripper


Upgrading Plant


Upgrading Plant


Upgrading Plant