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Welcome to Ammongas

Ammongas A/S is a performing and consulting engineering company. We offer a range of environmental solutions for air/gas purification, odour removal, biogas upgrade and ammonia separation and distillation. If you have an extraordinary purification problem we are happy to provide solutions and consultation.

For the Biogas industry we are supplying a series of system. CO2 Separation (Biogas upgrade). This system removes CO2 from Biogas thereby increasing the caloric value and quality of the gas to the same level as Natural gas. Odour Removal System. This is to ensure an odourless environment in the vicinity of the biogas plant. NH3 Separation. This is to reduce nitrogen/NH3 content in the degassed manure and at the same time produce Nitrogen concentrate e.g. for fertilizer.

For recovery of solvents we produce Carbon Activated Filters. We are providing both renewable filters and single use filters which are suitable to remove odour and poisonous fumes. Captured solvents are suitable for reuse.

Ammongas A/S are offering scrubber systems for odour removal, air purification and condensing. The scrubbers can be chemical or biological determined by the task at hand.

We are specialized in extraction and concentrate ammonia from liquid, air and steam solutions. We are able to use vacuum strippers which are able to use an excessive heat supply below 100°C.