Introduction and history

Who are we

” There has to be a better way” thought Anker Jacobsen back in 2002. He was in the middle of contemplating retirement after a long career as an engineer, but something was bothering him. In 1982, he had developed and patented a stripper-absorption concept for re-use of petrol vapours that appears when you fill up a truck. Thereafter, he spent 20 years building plants that would do exactly that.

He had gotten the idea that the technology had more uses than it was currently being used for. That’s why he started the company Ammongas A/S, where the focus was on re-use of ammonia from polluted air and water, as well as removal of CO2 from biogas.

That decision turned out to be just right. Besides the positive effect on the environment it has turned out that the technique, especially the separation of CO2, is very competitive. The technique combines the highest efficiency and lowest methane loss with a very small power use. That combination, together with dedicated employees, has resulted in steady growth throughout the years. The vision about a greener world is one step closer.