Odour removal

Avoid bad smell with a plant from Ammongas

Odour removal

Environmental laws and air guidance etc. sets narrow boundaries for odours. Odours, from e.g. receival areas and other decompositions can though also be annoying for neighbours.

Based on the works from Knud Væde Hansen regarding decomposition of hydrogen sulphide. Ammongas have developed an odour-removal plant consisting of 3 chemical cleansing steps. Including the removal of alkaline and acidic odour substances followed by an oxidation where the hydrogen sulphide is broken down. The absorbed odour binds as a salt and can be removed.

The advantages from a chemical cleaning plant is that it works by the push of a button, there is no need for constant operation but can be started and stopped with no impact on effectivity. Furthermore, full effectivity is ensured for the duration of the service life time.

There are always methods to effectively control emissions

Ammongas has several tools for this. So, if you have problems we are available, then we can find a solution together.