Recycling of Organic Solvents

Make the world greener by re-using solvents

Recycling or removal of solvents from ventilation air


Different processes can emit all sorts of combinations of volatile substances. Depending on the types there is though limitations for how much you are allowed to emit to the air, often times these chemicals also represent a significant value. Based on our experience and palette of plants we can, upon request, recommend the best solution for a given task.

For smaller emissions this solution could be a carbon filter with replaceable coals, for bigger emission it will maybe be a scrubber or a regenerative active carbon filter.

For most solvents, including the common solvents and hydrocarbon, it will be possible to reach cleansing and re-usable degrees above 99%. So, both the reused solvents and the hydrocarbon in special occasions can have a value of several hundred thousand euro a year.