Service and Maintenance

Ensures optimal operations and a long service life for your plant

Service and Maintenance

The handover of an upgrading plant marks the beginning of a new chapter in the form of daily operations and the changes in priorities this brings. It is important that you as a plant owner have considered and created a plan for upcoming operation and maintenance, so you can ensure steady operations. Proper maintenance has a great influence on operations and for the more important points, the following can be mentioned.


Proper maintenance

  • Ensures maximum run-time and with that, increased profit
  • Ensures that the guarantee is valid for the full period on all components
  • Ensures that security functions work correctly
  • Can prolong the service life of the equipment
  • Gives optimal operational economy

Service agreement

At Ammongas, we take pride in delivering pants that operate 24/7. Because of this, we value the importance of having a well-maintained plant after the handover. To insure all plants are able to operate at their full potential, we have developed an added option for a service agreement so your plant is continuously maintained and fully functional

Advantages of our service agreement:

  • Fast help with errors and potential operational problems
  • Coordinating of service plan and planning of downtime in connection with maintenance
  • Ongoing improvements. If our R/D department comes up with a new technique that might improve your plant, such as prolong service life, increase run-time or the effectivity, you will be the first to have these improvements implemented

A service agreement with Ammongas can be done in two ways:

  • Inspection and counselling – Owner is responsible for daily operations and maintenance, while Ammongas provide help and support when needed
  • Planned Maintenance – Owner is responsible for daily operations and Ammongas is responsible for planned maintenance

By signing of a service agreement, the service visits will be coordinated together with the owner and a 2-year plan for maintenance will be developed.

No matter what agreement you choose, our support team will be ready to help you 24/7.

We can, of course, also deliver service agreements to scrubbers, carbon filters and other installations we have deliv